Principal Brigid Taylor
Assistant Principal Belinda Dixon
Religious Education Coordinator Margaret Marriott
Director of Learning Innovation Robert Taylor
Director of Learning Integration James Horrocks
Director of Entrepreneurship, Learning Pathways & Partnerships Daniel Levitt
Director of Wellbeing Justine Jaeger
Curriculum Coordinator Helen Zannettides
English Amanda Lee
English Assistant Joseph Kilby
Mathematics Deborah Green
Science Jacqueline Fullard
Human Society And Its Environment (HSIE) Gary Osborne
Technology And Applied Studies (TAS) Lisa Kyriacou
Personal Development, Health And Physical Education (PDHPE)  Becc Paulson
Vocational Education And Training (VET) Paula Angelou
Creative And Performing Arts (CAPA) Loretta Ryan
Leader of Learning Enrichment Tracey Dunne
Year 7 Lynette Blundell
Year 8 Madeline Agius
Year 9 Joanne Caletti
Year 10 Ashlea Sharman
Year 11 Erika Fitzgerald
Year 12 Therese Ryan
Leader of School Operations Mary Wachman
Teacher Librarian Melinda Miletich
Leader of Pathways and Partnerships    Paula Angelou
Language Courses Outside Of School Helen Zannettides
Leader of Sport Anthony Taylor
Youth Ministry Facilitator Lidia Simpson
School Counsellor
Business Manager Gavin Jonathan
College Bursar Joanne Dingle
Receptionist/Enrolments Registrar Margaret Murray
Student Services Maria Halias
Executive Assistant Mary Wachman
Curriculum Secretary Anne Marie Kilbane
Media, Communications & Events Julie Pacifique