Staff are encouraged to nurture their own faith and understanding through opportunities such as further study in Religious Education and Theology, prayer and reflection, retreats and pilgrimages and other faith formation activities.

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart KensingtonThe OLSH Educator

Those who wish to join us in the ministry of service in education will seek to grow in their understanding of our OLSH spirituality. They will be committed to actively engage with the OLSH tradition as a member of the college community.

The OLSH Educator is one who:

  • Values his/her personal faith
  • Works with a team and in a team
  • Is committed to respecting the dignity of each person
  • Values friendship and collegiality
  • Relates to students with love, compassion and availability
  • Nurtures an atmosphere of joy and hope
  • Encourages attitudes of optimism, generosity, gratitude and outreach
  • Pursues excellence
  • Is welcoming and hospitable
  • Engages in reflective practice.